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Amazon Dropship Infringement Apology Letter

Amazon Dropship Infringement Apology Letter

It’s no secret that Amazon has become one of the most dominant retailers on the planet. In fact, according to eMarketer, Amazon will account for nearly half of all online retail sales by 2021. This dominance has come with its fair share of controversies, and one of the more recent is their role in the dropship industry. Dropshipping is a business model where small businesses sell products they create (or purchase) from other businesses without ever having physical contact with the product. Essentially, this allows them to avoid many of the costs and headaches associated with running a retail business.

Unfortunately, it also allows these businesses to avoid paying taxes and fines related to proper manufacturing and shipping practices. In light of this trend, several brands have called out Amazon for their role in the dropship industry. And as you might expect, Amazon has not been shy about responding. Their latest response is a letter addressed to brands who have called out Amazon; in it, they apologize for their past behavior and promise to change up their business model moving forward. Do you think Amazon’s apology letter will be enough to appease brands who are angry with them? Or will they continue to face resistance from

The Problem

In an effort to address customer concerns about the use of Amazon’s dropship business model, the company has issued a public apology letter. The problem is that many of the complaints in this letter are not actually about Amazon’s business model, but about third-party sellers who are using Amazon’s platform to sell their products.

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The primary issue is that these sellers are not following Amazon’s policies and guidelines. For example, they’re not setting up shop on Amazon as a storefront, and they’re not providing proper information about their products. This lack of transparency makes it hard for customers to trust these products, which ultimately harms Amazon’s own sales.

Amazon is right to apologize for these issues, and it should take steps to ensure that its sellers comply with its policies going forward. This will help improve customer trust, which ultimately benefits both Amazon and the third-party sellers who use its platform.

The Solution

Amazon has released an apology letter for their infraction of the Dropship Sale Rule. The letter, which was sent to sellers on July 26th, apologizes for Amazon’s “mistake” and promises to make changes to ensure that future sales comply with the rule.

Sellers who violate the rule may be subject to penalties including being banned from selling on Amazon, losing sales commissions, and having their account terminated. In light of the recent violations by sellers using Amazon’s dropshipping platform, the company has made a number of changes designed to help prevent future violations.

The first change is that all products sold through Amazon’s dropshipping platform must now meet minimum requirements set by Amazon. This includes being registered with Amazon as a seller and meeting product quality and shipping standards set by Amazon.

The second change is that all dropshipped products must now have a product listing on at least one separate Amazon marketplace in order for them to be sold on the dropshipping platform. This requirement can be met by creating an individual product listing on Amazon or by listing a product through an Amazon affiliate program before selling it through the dropshipping platform.

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What to do if you receive an Amazon Dropship Infringement Apology Letter

If you receive an Amazon Dropship Infringement Apology Letter, the following steps will help you resolve the issue:

1. Read the letter carefully. The first thing you should do is to read the apology letter carefully to get a clear understanding of what happened and why. This will help you figure out if there is anything that you can do to resolve the situation.

2. Establish communication with Amazon. Once you have a clear understanding of what occurred and why, it’s important to establish communication with Amazon in order to resolve the issue. Emailing or calling Amazon will help them understand your side of the story and allow them to work towards a resolution that is satisfactory for both parties.

3. Negotiate a resolution. If negotiations don’t produce results, consider filing a dispute claim with Amazon or contacting a lawyer. Disputes can take time to resolved, so patience is key in this process.


Hello, We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We’ve recently been made aware of an issue with our Amazon dropshipping program and we’d like to take the time to address it. A small number of sellers on Amazon are using counterfeit products in their listings. This is a violation of Amazon’s policies, and as such, we’ve taken action against these sellers. Unfortunately, this has led to some buyers receiving counterfeit products instead of the items they ordered from these sellers. We would like to apologize for this situation and offer you a refund for any order that was affected by this problem. Please note that your order will not be automatically processed as a refund until we’ve received confirmation from you that you have received the package in question. If you have any further questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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