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Amazon Or Ebay Dropshipping?

If you are like most people, you have probably been asked this question at some point in your life: which online marketplace is better, Amazon or eBay? The truth is that both marketplaces have their pros and cons, and the decision of which one to use depends on what you are looking for in an online marketplace. In this article, we will compare the two marketplaces and help you decide which one is best for you.

What Are The Advantages Of Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business. Here are some of the advantages:

1. You Control Your Inventory: With dropshipping, you own all the products you sell. This means you can choose what products to carry and how much inventory to keep on hand.

2. You Can Start With Little Investment: Dropshipping doesn’t require a large upfront investment. You can start with just a few dollars and grow your business over time.

3. It’s Easy To Scale Up: If you make a little bit of money each month, you can keep growing your business indefinitely without spending any additional money.

4. It’s Focused On Quality Products: Dropshipping is designed to help you sell high-quality products at low prices. This makes it a great option if you’re interested in selling items that have a niche audience or are difficult to find elsewhere.

What Is The Difference Between Amazon and Ebay?

When you are considering whether to sell products on Amazon or eBay, it can be difficult to decide which platform is better. However, the two platforms have some significant differences that should be considered before making a decision. Here is a look at what these differences are.

First and foremost, Amazon is much more popular than eBay. As of 2019, Amazon had a market capitalization of over $1 trillion, while eBay only had a market capitalization of $17 billion. This means that Amazon has a much larger user base and is more well-known than eBay.

Second, Amazon allows you to sell physical products as well as digital products. This is something that eBay does not allow you to do. Instead, you are limited to selling digital products on eBay.

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Third, Amazon charges lower commissions than eBay does. Amazon charges only 3% commission, while eBay charges 5%. This means that if you are selling items on Amazon, your profits will be higher than if you were to sell the same items on eBay.

Fourth, Amazon allows you to set up your own shipping service, while eBay does not allow you to do this. This means that if you want your customers to have fast delivery times, you will need to use a different shipping service than eBay.

All of these factors should be considered when deciding which platform to sell on. Ultimately, it depends on the products that you are selling and the specific needs of your customer base.

Pros And Cons Of Dropshipping On Amazon Vs Ebay

Dropshipping is a great way to start your own business. Here are the pros and cons of dropshipping on Amazon vs Ebay.

Pros of Dropshipping on Amazon:

1. Low startup costs – Because you do not need to spend money on inventory, dropshipping on Amazon is a low-cost business model.

2. Greater potential for profits – With more products and lower shipping costs, you can make considerably more money dropshipping on Amazon than you would with traditional retailing.

3. Easier to scale up – If you find success with your dropshipping business, it’s easy to grow it by adding additional products and services.

4. More diverse product selection – Because there are so many different products available on Amazon, you have a greater opportunity to find the right niche and sell high-traffic items.

5. Greater customer base – With over one billion active customers, Amazon is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. This large customer base makes it easier to build a loyal following and attract repeat buyers.

6. Wide range of fulfillment options – When you dropship on Amazon, you have several options for how and where your products are delivered. This flexibility allows you to use a variety of fulfillment services, which can optimize your shipping costs and speed up your delivery times.

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7. Wide range of payment options – Because Amazon accepts so many different forms of payment, you have many options when it comes to collecting payment from your customers. You can use PayPal, credit cards, or various other online payment systems.

8. High degree of customer satisfaction – Amazon is known for its high customer satisfaction rates, which means that you’re likely to make a lot of sales and build a loyal following in the process.

9. Increased brand awareness – When you dropship on Amazon, you’re likely to increase brand awareness across the web. This increased visibility is a valuable asset if you plan on pursuing other business opportunities in the future.

10. Low overhead costs – Although there are some overhead costs associated with dropshipping on Amazon, they’re relatively low compared to traditional retail operations. This makes dropshipping an attractive business model for small start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to focus on their own investments instead of spending money on inventory and shipping supplies.

Which Platform Is Better For Dropshipping?

It’s no secret that Amazon (AMZN) and Ebay (EBAY) are two of the world’s biggest ecommerce platforms. So which is better for dropshipping? In this article, we will compare the two platforms and see which is better for you.

Size and Competitiveness

When it comes to size, there is no comparison. Amazon has over 230 million active customers, while Ebay has over 200 million active customers. This means that both platforms have a lot of potential customers who are looking to buy products online. Additionally, both platforms are very competitive. For example, Amazon often has free shipping offers and Ebay offers discounts on products if you purchase them through their platform. This makes it difficult for other retailers to make a profit.

Cost and Ease of Use

When it comes to cost, Amazon is definitely cheaper than Ebay. For example, Amazon charges $0.99 per item for shipping, while Ebay charges $3.95 per item for shipping. Additionally, Amazon charges nothing for using their platform to sell products, while Ebay charges a commission of 5% on each sale made on their platform. However, there are other costs involved with using Amazon and Ebay. For example, you need to have a credit card and an Amazon account in order to sell products on Amazon, while you do not need an Ebay account in order to sell products on Ebay.

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Ease of use is also a major factor when it comes to choosing a platform. Both platforms are very user-friendly, but Ebay is slightly easier to use. For example, Ebay has a built-in shopping cart that makes it easy for you to add products to your shopping cart and then submit your order. Additionally, Ebay has a better search engine that makes it easier for you to find the products that you are looking for.

Cost and Ease of Use VS Size and Competitiveness

When it comes to size and competitiveness, the cost and ease of use of the platform is much more important than the size of the platform. In other words, if one of the platforms is too expensive or difficult to use, then it is not worth using that platform. However, if both platforms are affordable and easy to use, then it is worth considering using both platforms.


Dropshipping is a great way to start your own business and make money online. With Amazon and Ebay dropshipping, you can sell products that are already in high demand. This means you don’t have to spend time researching which products to sell, or worrying about creating a product that people will want to buy. All you need to do is find products that people are interested in and then sell them online using an eCommerce platform.