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Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship

Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship

At times, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different Amazon same product different upc dropship options. With so many products and brands being sold on Amazon, it’s hard to know which one is right for you. Thankfully, we’re here to help! In this article, we will take a look at the different types of Amazon same product different upc dropshipping options and what they have to offer. From there, we’ll provide you with a few tips on how to make the most of each option and get the most out of your business.

What is Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship?

When you’re browsing Amazon, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of products and variations. So how do you know which product to buy? Well, one way is to use Amazon’s search engine, but that can be time-consuming. Another way is to browse through the different upc dropshipping categories on Amazon and see if there’s a product you’re interested in buying that has a different UPC code than what’s being sold on the main page. This way, you’re guaranteed to find a unique product that won’t be available anywhere else!

How Does Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship Work?

Typically, when a customer buys a product from Amazon, the ecommerce giant automatically updates the customer’s purchase history so that the customer knows they have already purchased the product. This process can be automated through Amazon’s “One-Click” button on individual products or through an “Add to Cart” button on groups of products.

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However, if a customer finds a cheaper version of the same product available from an upc dropship, they may choose to buy that version instead of the original version they purchased from Amazon. 
When a customer buys a product from an upc dropship, Amazon doesn’t automatically update their purchase history. The upc dropship can sell directly to the customer without passing along any sales information to Amazon. In other words, Amazon doesn’t know that the customer has purchased the product from an upc dropship and doesn’t receive any commission for those sales.

 Therefore, it’s important for an upc dropship to make sure that it accurately marks its products as “Sold by [Drop Shipper Name].” Doing this will help customers know which product they are purchasing and will also ensure that Amazon gets compensated for those sales.

Benefits of Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship

If you’re looking to get the same product at a lower cost, then an upc dropshipping strategy may be for you. Here are five reasons why it’s a good idea to start selling the same product through multiple sellers:

1. Increased Sales Volume

By putting your products up for sale through different sellers, you can increase your sales volume. This will allow you to reach more potential buyers and reduce the price of your products.

2. Reduced Cost of goods Sold (COGS)

When you sell products through an upc dropshipping strategy, you’ll be able to reduce your COGS costs. This is because you’ll no longer have to spend money on shipping and handling fees, as well as marketing expenses. Additionally, by selling through multiple sellers, you’ll be able to receive discounts on bulk purchases.

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3. Greater Exposure for Your Products

If you sell the same product through multiple sellers, your products will be exposed to a wider audience. This will allow you to build a larger customer base and earn more revenue from each sale.

4. Improved Customer Loyalty and Repeat Sales

When customers buy products from different sellers, they’re likely to become loyal customers in return. This means that they’re more likely to purchase your products again in the future – which can lead to increased profits margins for you.

5. Increased Competition for Your Products

By selling the same product through multiple sellers, you’ll increase competition for your products. This will lead to lower prices and increased profits for you.

How to Use Amazon Same Product Different Upc Dropship

If you’re looking to sell the same product using different UPC codes, then you can do so through Amazon’s Same Product Different Upc Dropship feature. This service allows you to change the UPC code on an existing product listing, and then relist it with a new UPC code.

To use this feature, first make sure that the product you want to sell is available for sale on Once you’ve verified this, click on the “Selling On Amazon” tab at the top of your page, and then select “Same Product Different Upc Dropship.”

Next, enter the new UPC code for your product in the “UPC Code” box. You’ll also need to provide a different SKU (stock Keeping Unit) for your product. Finally, choose whether you want to keep your current price or list it at a discounted price.

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Once you’ve made all these changes, click on the “Update Your Listing” button. This will send your updated information to Amazon’s servers, and your product will be automatically updated on the site.


In today’s world, it can be difficult to determine which Amazon product is the same as another, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit. With dropshipping on Amazon, you can set up a website and sell the same products as Amazon, but with your own unique branding and inventory. This way, you don’t have to compete with Amazon’s low prices or their massive selection — you can offer your customers something unique and special.