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Can You Dropship Nike?

Nike is one of the world’s most popular brands. And for good reason: their products are quality-obsessed and stylish. But can you dropship Nike? Despite Nike’s popularity, they are not a company that is easily accessible to most small businesses. In order to get your hands on Nike products, you will likely need to go through an established retailer. That being said, if you have the right strategy and approach, there is a good chance that you can successfully dropship Nike products. In this article, we will discuss some tips on how to do just that.

Can You Dropship Nike?

If you’re looking to get into the Nike dropshipping business, there are a few things you need to know. Nike is one of the most popular brands on the market, and they have a large customer base that is always looking for new sneakers. However, getting started with Nike dropshipping can be difficult.

First, you’ll need to find a supplier who can produce high-quality Nike products. Second, you’ll need to set up a system for tracking inventory and sales. Finally, you’ll need to create a marketing plan that will help promote your products. If you follow these steps, dropping Nike products into your online store should be easy peasy!

The Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be a profitable way to sell products online, as it allows you to keep more of the profits. Here are some of the benefits of dropshipping:

1. You Can Control Your Inventory: As a dropshipping business, you’re in control of your inventory. This means you can choose what products to carry and how much stock to hold on hand. This gives you flexibility to adjust your prices and availability as needed.

2. It’s Cheap to Start Dropping Products: When starting out, dropshipping is usually cheaper than starting a traditional business. You don’t need any expensive equipment or software, and there are no startup costs beyond the cost of a domain name and Web hosting.

3. You Can Earn More Money With Dropshipping Than with Any Other Business Model: According to Entrepreneur, dropshipping is one of the most profitable methods for small businesses. In fact, studies have shown that entrepreneurs who dropship earn an average 93 percent return on their investment (ROI), compared to 61 percent for start-ups that sell through ecommerce stores and only 44 percent for businesses that sell through physical stores (source).

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How to Start Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the process of selling products without ever having to carry any inventory. You simply create an online store, add the products you want to sell, and let the dropshipping software do the rest.

There are a few dropshipping tools available, but the most popular option is probably Shopify Plus’ DripDrop. To get started, first create a new account with DripDrop and add your store’s information. Next, select your items and click “Add Products.” You will then be prompted to input your product descriptions, prices, shipping information, and so on.

Once you have completed these steps, it’s time to create your sales funnel. This means creating a series of steps that will lead customers from your website to buy your products. The simplest way to do this is by setting up a simple email autoresponder.

To set this up, first sign into DripDrop and click “Autoresponder Settings.” Then enter your desired email address and password, and click “Save Autoresponder Settings.” Next, select “New Email Campaign” from the Campaigns menu and fill out the fields as follows: Name: This should be the name of your campaign
Subject: This should be a generic subject for all of your campaigns

From: This should be your email address

To: This should be the email addresses of your customers

Bcc: This should be the email address of a second person who will be notified if you win a sale in this campaign

Cc: This should be the email address of a third person who will be notified if you make a sale in this campaign

Content Type: You can either create an automated email or use one of DripDrop’s pre-made templates. We recommend using an automated email because it’s more efficient and allows you to track your results more easily.

Once you have completed these steps, click “Create Campaign.” You will then be prompted to enter your delivery frequency (once a day, every two days, or once a week). Next, select your email template and click “Send.” Finally, wait for your customers to start buying!

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The Downsides of Dropshipping

Dropshipping isn’t for everyone. Here are the downsides:

1. You’ll need a large inventory
If you’re Dropshipping Nike, you’ll need a large inventory of Nike products. Nike sells in bulk, so you’ll need to have a lot of products in stock in order to sell them quickly. This could be a challenge if you don’t have a lot of storage space or if you frequently run out of products.

2. You’ll need to find reliable suppliers
If you’re Dropshipping Nike, you’ll need to find reliable suppliers who can provide high-quality products at an affordable price. It’s possible to find quality Nike products dropshipped from overseas, but it will likely cost more than if you bought them from an American retailer. If your supplier falls short on quality or meets unexpected delays, it could mean big problems for your business.

3. You’ll need to handle shipping and customer service
If your business relies on regular customer orders and deliveries, you’ll need to be able to handle shipping and customer service yourself. This may not be the easiest thing in the world – especially if your customers are located all over the world!


Dropshipping Nike is a great way to start or expand your business. Not only can you make a lot of money reselling Nike products, but you also get to work from home and set your own hours. If you’re interested in starting dropshipping Nike, be sure to read our full guide on how to do it.