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Best Drop Shipping Suppliers in 2019  


Savannah Sam
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18/12/2019 2:39 am  

what are the best Drop Shipping Suppliers in 2019?

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03/01/2020 11:20 am  

A reliable supplier is one of the key factors to grow your business. With the right supplier, you’ll have an easy time growing. There are a number of factors and facilities contributed to the success of your business. Among them, the crucial part should be locating a reliable supplier for a product you have in mind.

It's easier to find a supplier if you know exactly which products you need. If you already know what you want to sell, here are some tips for finding a suppliers for your dropshipping business.


  1. Use Google Search

It is obvious that you can use google search to find good suppliers. However, you’d better search extensively for the reason that they may be bad at marketing and promotion. And you should use various keywords to search, such as “distributor”, “reseller”, “bulk”, “warehouse”, and “supplier”. Furthermore, don’t judge by the website. Some websites with poor design are a possible good supplier as well.


  1. Use Facebook Search

Industry networks and groups are another effective resources to find suppliers. The people who join industry networks and groups prefer to share, learn, and grow. You can gain valuable insight from them after you join and become part of the dropshipping community. And you will get suggestions about better suppliers or suppliers to avoid.

Facebook now is a main platform for people to promote their items. Search on Facebook and you can also get many related suppliers.


3. Use Topdser

Topdser specialise in dropshipping and product sourcing. And allows you to easily import dropshipped products into your ecommerce store and ship them directly to your customers – in only a few clicks.

Within Topdser, you can import products from AliExpress and Verified suppliers.

  • AliExpress

On the supplier's rating page you can check their performance ratings and read their customer's reviews on their recent purchases. Additionally, here you can see the supplier’s feedback history (last 1, 3 and 6 months), which indicates the supplier’s long-term performance rate. It is recommended to go for a higher than 4.5 rating in each of the key points. This also also been seen directly from Topdser page.

  • Verified suppliers - CN Suppliers or the US Suppliers

Most dropshippers are looking for US-shipped suppliers so that to get quick delivery. They think Chinese suppliers only provide long time delivery. However, both of them are necessary if you want to be a big seller.

Advantages of Chinese Suppliers:

- low price

- A wide variety of goods

- Disadvantage of Chinese suppliers

- Long-time delivery

Advantages of US Suppliers:

- quick delivery

Disadvantage of US suppliers

- relative high price

- Not so various in goods

  • Niches products

Topdser will add niches products daily from paid niches website (Ecomhunt, Pexda, Nichescraper, Product list genie, dropship-spy, Hotproducts…etc. )


  1. 4. Attend a Trade Show

It’s an efficient way to get to know and connect with the manufactures and suppliers in a market. If conditions permits, you can attend a trade show and make contacts as well as research your products and suppliers all in one place. There may be new and upcoming products that you could add to your dropshipping store.

Tip: Check out the Trade Show News Network to see when and where trade shows are happening.


Here are some useful questions to ask your potential drop shipping supplier(s):

1.How can you increase the delivery time? (Is local post an option?)

2.Why are your products better than those of your competitors (to find out more about the quality of their products);

3.Are you selling online already and do you have an online marketing strategy?

4.Are you open for drop shipping?

5.Do you keep the drop shipping items in stock?

6.If not, how long to produce and ship the items I need?

7.What is the MOQ (Minimum order quantity)?

8.Can you ship products world wide?

9.Can you ship your items on a frequent basis (every day/every week/etc)?

10.Do you have samples or showrooms?

11.Will you provide customer sales support or after sales services?

12.Can you pay out my commission on a frequent basis?

13.Do you have the legal rights, original patents or licenses in place to sell those goods?