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Do You Need Shipping Labels For Dropshipping?

If you’re a dropshipper, you know that one of the most important parts of your business is customer satisfaction. That means getting your products to your customers as quickly and easily as possible. But what about shipping? Do you need shipping labels for dropshipping? The short answer is yes, you do.

Shipping labels are an essential part of any dropshipping business. They can help you avoid mistakes and keep track of your shipments. In addition, they can also help you receive accurate tracking information from the shipping company. So if you’re a dropshipper, make sure to get shipping labels for your transactions. You won’t regret it!

Do You Need Shipping Labels For Dropshipping?

Shipping labels are an important part of any ecommerce business. Not only do they help you track your packages, but they can also increase your sales. But what do you need to get started?

First, you’ll need to decide what type of shipping you’re using. There are three common types of shipping: ground, air, and sea. Each has its own set of requirements when it comes to shipping labels.

Ground shipping requires that the package have a tracking number. If your package doesn’t have a tracking number, you’ll need to include a customs form with the package. This form will declare the contents and value of the package, and it will also be used for taxation purposes.

Air shipping is much more efficient than ground shipping, and it’s often preferred for small packages that don’t require tracking or customs forms. However, air shipping does have its own set of requirements when it comes to labeling your packages.

First, make sure that all items in the package are individually boxed or bagged. This way, individual shipments can be tracked and estimated more accurately. Second, use clear packing tape to adhere all label sections together before cutting them out. Make sure each label has the correct information: the product name (or SKU), the quantity ordered, and the shipment destination (your shipping address). You can also use special numbering vinyl or stickers to create custom labels for your dropshipping business.

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How to Make Your Own Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are an essential part of any ecommerce business, and for dropshippers they’re especially important. Without them, your customers won’t know where to send their products, which can lead to lost sales. Here’s how to make your own shipping labels using a free online tool:

To create shipping labels using a free online tool, first head over to This website offers a variety of templates and designs for shipping labels, as well as the ability to personalize them with your own text and graphics. You can also choose from a range of different shipping methods, such as First Class Mail or Priority Mail.

Once you’ve selected your template and chosen your shipping method, it’s time to fill in the details. First, enter the name of the product(s) being shipped along with the quantity. Then, select the country/region where the product is being sent. Finally, input the package tracking number if applicable.

Once you’ve completed all of the required fields, click on “Create Shipping Label.” Your label will now be generated and ready to print out!

Tips for Printing Shipping Labels

When you’re starting out as a dropshipping business, it’s important to make sure that your products are packed and shipped properly. This means printing shipping labels for each and every order! Here are some tips for printing shipping labels:

1. Print your shipping labels on heavy paper stock. This will help keep the labels durable and overall improve the appearance of your shipment.

2. Use the correct shipping classifications for your product. For example, if you sell items that are classified as hazardous materials, use the proper Hazardous Materials Shipping label.

3. Use accurate tracking numbers when printing your tracking stickers. Make sure that the tracking number matches the information on your online order form so that customers can see where their package is in the process!

4. Include contact information on your shipping labels so customers can reach you if they have any questions or problems during the shipping process.

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Using Shipping Labels on eBay

Shipping labels are an important part of eBay selling. They provide accurate and timely information about the item’s arrival, which can help buyers make informed decisions.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using shipping labels on eBay:

1. Always use the correct weight and dimensions for your packages. Overweight or oversized packages can lead to delays or even loss of packages. Use the correct size and weight for the type of package you’re sending so that it arrives safely and without any damage.

2. Make sure your shipping labels include all pertinent information, such as the buyer’s name, address, and phone number. Missing or incomplete information can lead to confusion or even a canceled sale.

3. Use multiple shipping labels to ensure that you have enough info for every package you ship. If there’s something unusual about a particular package, you may need to add additional information to the label–for example, if the package includes a token or other unique item.

4. Keep track of your shipments as they move through the system by using tracking numbers on your shipping labels and/or invoices. This way, you’ll know exactly when your packages have arrived and whether there were any problems along the way.


If you’re starting out in dropshipping, it’s important to know the different shipping labels and what they are used for. Shipping labels can be incredibly helpful when it comes to accurate order tracking and ensuring that your products arrive at your customer’s doorstep in perfect condition. In this article, we will explore what types of shipping labels are available to use on dropshipping businesses and give you a few tips on how best to use them.